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At The Fountain Laser Hair Removal, our purpose is to save you time and money by completely removing your hair safely and effectively with laser. We want you to know that laser hair removal is a true value compared to other standard methods of removing unwanted hair. Over the course of a lifetime, women will spend on average $7000 - $15,000 on shaving products or waxing treatments that are not permanent. Shaving on average 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes each time for 37 years will equate to over 100,000 minutes of your life that you could be doing other things you love to do! That's 70 days of your life shaving! Most of our sessions only last 15 minutes for a small area to 45 minutes for a large area. So, our 9 treatment packages will only take less than 7 hours total! We realize that money and time are valuable to you, that is why we also offer a satisfaction guarantee on our services. All of our lasers are FDA Approved for ALL SKIN TYPES. So, get your life back and call us for a free consultation to see how many ways you can benefit from laser hair removal.


Our Laser Hair Removal treatment office is located in Atlanta!


The Fountain Laser Hair Removal is celebrating its 12th year in the Atlanta market providing laser hair removal services, intense pulsed light treatments, and selling the best pharmaceutical grade products on the market. The staff at The Fountain has performed thousands of laser hair removal treatments over the past decade. With the best laser hair removal devices on the market which are considered the "Gold Standard" for laser hair removal, the Candela Gentlelase and the Candela Gentle YAG, we are committed to delivering outstanding results at an affordable price. If you are considering laser hair removal in Atlanta, choose the company with over a decade of experience in the laser hair removal industry... The Fountain Laser Hair Removal.


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