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At Home Laser Hair Removal vs Professional Laser Hair Removal

Do at home laser hair removal devices work?

At home laser hair removal devices are more widely available nowadays, making them a potential option for people who want to remove hair without having to leave the home or pay for professional laser hair removal.

While these at home devices do work, that doesn’t mean they are the best available option.

Is at home laser hair removal better than professional laser hair removal?

We believe that professional laser hair removal is going to be the better option compared to at home laser hair removal for several reasons.

Save your skin with trained professionals

Having a trained, certified laser technician doing the work makes a huge difference. They have trained specifically for using high-powered lasers, which, without the aid of a professional, can cause damage to the skin in inexperienced hands. Even though at home laser hair removal devices are not as powerful as the ones you’ll find at Fountain Laser Center, they can still discolor the skin’s pigment, cause burns, and leave behind permanent scars. That’s why it’s important to have a trained professional behind the laser who knows how to work the laser safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Get faster, longer-lasting results

Professional laser hair removal results tend to last longer due to the professional using a more powerful, higher quality laser. They are also faster because at home devices lack the intensity of the lasers used in salons like Fountain Laser.

Professional laser hair removal does require more than one treatment session. However, fewer sessions are needed compared to at home devices, which require an average of nearly 10 treatment sessions to do what professionals are able to do within 3 sessions.

Target more areas more accurately

Accuracy is everything when it comes to laser hair removal, and the last thing you want is to find that you missed a few spots with your at home laser hair removal device. And let’s be honest: some areas are much harder to reach than others, so you will likely miss some spots.

Professionals who do this for a living can target certain areas effectively and safely where at home devices cannot (for example, many of these at home systems lack FDA approval to remove facial hair and should not be used to remove facial hair as a result). Their high-quality laser removal machines can also help with accuracy as well as the ability to target hard-to-reach spots.

Due to their comparative weakness, at home laser hair removal devices may be less effective on people with certain hair colors and skin types. While this can be the case with professional hair removal, you will at least receive confirmation as to whether or not laser hair removal is an effective option for you. This can save you some more funds from buying an at home device that would cause damage to your skin while failing to remove unwanted hair.

Reduce discomfort with a clinical topical anesthetic

Although many at home devices allow you to control the intensity of the laser, using too low of an intensity means it will take longer to remove unwanted hairs. But professional laser hair removal treatments often include topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort, so you can get the results you’re looking for in fewer sessions.

Is at home laser hair removal worth it?

Based on a quick glance, at home laser hair removal might look like it is a better, more cost-effective solution. But the risks accompanying at home laser hair removal can result in more expenses, such as going in to get color correction due to hyperpigmentation or burn treatment.

At home laser hair removal takes longer and the hair tends to grow back faster when these low-intensity laser hair removal devices are used. You’ll spend more time going back to fix missed spots and have more uneven patches of hair growing back.

Time is precious, so don’t waste it on weak, ineffective at home laser hair removal devices. Contact Fountain Laser Center today to schedule a consultation.