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Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Does hair come back after laser removal?

Laser hair reduction is considered a success if 50% to 85% of the hair is permanently removed.   The laser works by heating up hair follicles, essentiallly killing the tissue that is in the antigen growth phase. Compared to shaving and waxing, it takes much longer, if ever, for the hairs to grow back. As a bonus for when the hairs do grow back, they will be lighter, finer, and there will be fewer hairs in general.

Simply put, laser hair removal reduces the number of hairs and slows hair growth.


How long does hair laser removal last?

The short answer: It depends.

The long answer:

Hair removal usually lasts several months in the majority of cases, and if you’re lucky, the results may actually last for years or permanently. When your hair does grow back, it won’t be as noticeable and there will be fewer hairs, too. 

In the long run, though, it really depends on your unique hair growth cycle — some people’s hairs grow faster while others grow slower.

Where you get laser hair removal can also play a role in how long it takes before you need to go back to the clinic or spa for this treatment. Certain areas of the body or face may regrow hair faster. Age can play a factor as well, especially as women approach menopause, a time when estrogen levels drop. This might mean women will experience faster regrowth on their neck, chin, and upper lip.

For best results, you may want to go back in for follow-up laser hair removal treatments roughly every 2 to 3 months. But if you’re not set on returning in that time frame, you’ll definitely know when it’s time to go back to your laser technician for another round of laser hair removal: when the hair regrows back. 


How successful is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is very successful, but it’s most effective in people with light complexions with dark hair.

If you have dark skin or light hair, you may need more treatments. If this is the case for you, you may also find that more hair grows back after laser hair removal treatments. This is because the lasers target pigment in the hairs. If it’s harder for the laser to “see” the pigments, then it won’t be able to remove as many hairs in the first place.


Reduce and remove unwanted hairs today

If you want to get rid of those unsightly, annoying hairs that keep popping up in spots you don’t want, it may be time to consider laser hair removal as an option. It’s safe, effective, and lasts longer than time-consuming shaving or waxing does, making it well worth the investment.

Fountain Laser Center specializes in performing laser hair removal services in Atlanta, Stockbridge, and Columbus, Georgia, and we are here to help you remove and reduce those unwanted hairs. Contact us today for a free consultation or to book an appointment.